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Heat pump for home or office
Solar Hybrid Heat Pumps
Available in three main sizes: 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW, and 7.0 kW
Heat pump for swimming pool
Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters
2.4 – 17.0kW (Thermal kW)


Our vision is to protect the environment by developing products that utilize solar energy in a sustainable manner.

We implement various solutions that help conserve energy, are clean, and environmentally friendly. We aim to introduce to the world how greater adoption of solar energy provides society with a better opportunity for a sustainable future.


Our hybrid heat pumps are available in three main sizes: 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW, and 7.0 kW. These intelligent devices operate on solar energy during the day, automatically switching to grid power at night. They are perfect for residential, educational, and office spaces where the majority of energy consumption occurs during daylight hours. In addition to providing cooling efficiency, these devices excel in heating as well, operating effectively even at -22°C temperatures (which is equivalent to -7.6°F).

One of the key advantages of these units is their built-in inverter, eliminating the need for additional purchases. With a user-friendly “Plug & Play” design, you can easily set up and start using the system.

Utilizing solar energy from PV modules during the day, these heat pumps are smartly designed to make the most of renewable power. Even when the sun sets, there’s no need to worry, as our highly efficient heat pumps continue to function effectively. Without solar energy, the devices achieve an efficiency level of SEER 23, but with solar power, the efficiency reaches up to SEER 35.

NOQQ Solar Hybrid Heat Pumps deliver significant energy savings compared to traditional systems, while also allowing you to contribute to environmental preservation and a sustainable future.

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NOQQ Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters

Our innovative Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters do not require batteries or connection to the power grid. Simply connect the solar panels, and they automatically work in the mornings with the DC pump to keep the pool warm at all times. These heaters can both heat and cool the water and automatically turn off in the evenings.

Depending on the outside temperature and whether the pool is covered, the water may lose some heat during the night, but it will be restored the next day. The pool heater significantly extends the time you can enjoy your pool. When used with grid power, it can even warm the pool during colder times.

You can set the pool heater with daily or weekly timers and monitor the electricity consumption and history. The built-in WIFI feature allows convenient control of all settings, even from your mobile device.

Make use of the Solar Hybrid Pool Heater to adjust the pool temperature as desired and enjoy swimming whenever you please.

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Benefits of Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters

  • Solar Hybrid Pool Heaters are specially designed DC hybrid solar-powered pool heaters, built from the ground up for 100% DC operation without the need for an inverter.

  • They can operate independently of the AC grid (Off Grid), automatically turning on when there is sufficient solar energy and turning off when solar energy is no longer available. Installation does not require grid connection or utility company permits.

  • The plug and play solar panels connect directly to the MC4 solar panel terminals, making installation quick and easy. Additionally, these pool heaters use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, contributing to environmental conservation.

  • The brushless DC motor ensures exceptionally quiet operation, providing a peaceful and enjoyable pool experience.

  • Additionally, the heaters are able to limit the power grid usage, minimizing the energy cost on cloudy days.

everything in one place

All of our units come with a WIFI feature that allows for full control:

  • Daily and Weekly timers
  • Full overview of AC/DC consumption 
  • History of all energy consumed
  • Indoor unit controls