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Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Dynamic Team: Driving innovation and excellence together

Karl Urbanik
International Sales Director

Brings a wealth of invaluable global sales expertise, driving our company’s remarkable expansion and resounding success in diverse international markets.

Martin Vaha
Head of Sales

Martin is a seasoned professional with two decades of invaluable Business-to-Business experience, and an impressive 17-year track record as a Sales Manager for revolutionary products. His dedication, expertise, and passion have been instrumental in driving our success.

Harrison McLaughlin
Sales United Kingdom

Bringing extensive sales expertise to our UK team, our top performer drives remarkable growth and success in the UK market

Aivar Armulik
Board Member

At the helm of our company is Aivar Armulik, a visionary leader whose dedication and strategic insights have been instrumental in shaping our journey. Aivar’s leadership sets the foundation for our continued success, inspiring each member of our team to reach new heights.

Henri Keskküla
Strategic Partner & Advisor


Richard Keskküla
Business Development