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Utilizing the power of sustainable, clean, and environmentally friendly technologies, we combat CO2 emissions caused by human activity. We offer unique products that efficiently harness solar energy, innovatively and effectively reducing the global footprint. NOQQ’s solar-based technologies are clean and efficient. Our goal is to ensure the best outcome in collaboration with clients who value a professional and quality approach. By prioritizing our clients, we can truly make a difference. Together, we create a more sustainable society and a cleaner future, swiftly and efficiently with NOQQ.

Clean, Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Products


Introducing NOQQ hybrid climate control units and heat pumps powered by solar energy, providing versatile solutions for both heating and cooling needs. Our range includes air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps with various power levels: 3.5 kW, 5.0 kW, and 7.0 kW. These smart devices utilize sunlight to generate energy from solar panels during the day and automatically switch to grid power in the evening. In addition to efficient cooling, these units can also ensure excellent heating performance even at very low temperatures.

pool heater


NOQQ’s solar-powered hybrid pool heaters make heating and cooling pool water a breeze – without the need for batteries or complicated grid connections. Simply connect the solar panels, and this smart device will keep your pool water pleasantly warm or refreshingly cool according to your preference. Whether it’s summer or winter, this device significantly extends your time spent in the pool. With built-in Wi-Fi functionality, you can conveniently control all devices with your mobile phone. Choose NOQQ’s hybrid pool heater and enjoy the pleasures of the pool precisely when it suits you.

NOQQ specializes in solar energy

NOQQ is focused on solar energy, and our team has years of experience in this field. Solar energy has been our passion for a long time, and we aim to find the best ways to utilize it effectively in everyday life.

Our devices operate on solar energy and their installation doesn’t require connection to the conventional electric grid, connection fees, or permits. However, when opting for a hybrid solution and connecting the device to the electric grid, our innovative inverter system directs the solar-generated electricity directly to the climate control unit rather than to the electric grid. Thus, traditional permits or connection fees are not required even when using the hybrid solution.

The most common new SEER 14 climate unit, compared to NOQQ SEER 35 units

  • The most common new SEER 14 climate unit 7% 7%
  • The NOQQ SEER 35 climate unit 73% 73%

NOQQ systems are over 70% more energy efficient than the SEER 14 units currently available on the market.

All in one place

All our devices are equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, allowing full control:

  • Daily and weekly timers
  • Complete overview of AC/DC consumption
  • Complete energy consumption history
  • Indoor unit control

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